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For more than sixty years, the Players of St Peter have been performing English medieval drama in London, and are, we believe, unique in offering annual productions from the main English mystery cycles. Around the beginning of December each year, we perform a selection of short plays by turns from the four most complete cycles (York, Chester, Wakefield and "N-Towne" – also known as "The Plaie called Corpus Christi"). These plays tell Bible stories ranging from creation to the Nativity and beyond, as seen through medieval eyes.

The Corpus Christi Plays: Men required

As rehearsals get under way for this December's production, we are still looking for two or three men to take significant speaking roles. That does not mean of course that we have our fill of people in all other departments, and we will still welcome your interest if you'd like to contribute in any other capacity, regardless of sex, to our presentation of a selection from the Corpus Christi (or N-Towne) plays.

If you are tempted, please send an email to the Director Olive Stubbs describing your interest.

The 10 performances take place in the first full week of December – twice nightly, at 6.30 and 8.30, Monday December 1 to Friday December 5, at St George-in-the-East. Rehearsals will normally be on one or two nights each week, on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, and occasional Saturdays.

We welcome new members of all ages and levels of experience, and, in addition to cast, we are always glad of help backstage and in any of the many non-acting functions essential to a successful production.

At the heart of the group is a core of solid scholarship which, along with six decades' collective experience and insight, enables us to adhere as faithfully as we can judge it to the original production style, capturing something of the early spirit and intent. Although we use electric lighting and the church's organ, the props are low-tech and the dialogue very much as it was five hundred years ago, following the original texts and adapted only for length and to clarify some of the more obscure language for present-day audiences.

The Players have always been based in churches: our first home and the one that gave us our name was St Peter-upon-Cornhill, in the City of London, where we were founded in 1946; 1988 found us at Holy Trinity, Sloane Street, in west London, where we remained for ten years before returning in 1998 to the City and St Clement Eastcheap. (For international visitors, the "City" here means the London financial district, which is in what was the original London before urban sprawl married it to neighbouring boroughs such as the City of Westminster, to create modern metropolitan London.)

In 2012 we once again found ourselves looking for a new venue, and were welcomed at St George-in-the-East Church, Cannon Street Road, Shadwell.

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